We Don’t Post & Pray. We hunt and Deliver

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Providing Diverse Professional Talent for Leadership Roles

Diversity and inclusion mean moving beyond talking points and starting to make a real impact in diverse hiring.


 Welcome! We Are Diversity Talent Scouts

Diversity Talent Scouts (DTS) specialize in Scouting out Diverse Professionals and placing them in Leadership roles. Our goal is to “Represent the Underrepresented” while educating leadership on the positive impact of Diversity.

We are hunters, our business is based on our strong community which is proven through our 85% diversity placement rate.

Our recruiters use market research, competitive advantage, and your industry strategy for your long-term growth plans.

Our goal is not to invite Diversity to the party but invite Diverse Applicants to join you in PLANNING for the party because there is power in Diversity.

“We don’t post and pray..... we hunt and deliver.”


Talent Business Partners

Diversity Talent Scouts is an executive search firm that delivers diversified candidates that client companies can hire with confidence today for results now and in the future.

We recruit strong candidates from diverse backgrounds who will exceed your needs today, and who will perform as your leaders of tomorrow.

As the American workforce matures and changes, you want the best candidates for difficult-to-fill positions that require diverse backgrounds, and specialized talent, achievement, education, training, and experience. We do the difficult work of finding and supplying candidates who meet today’s complex hiring requirements, including diversity and inclusiveness.

Diversity Talent Scouts (DTS) works aggressively to meet the stated needs of clients who want a diverse mix of professionals whose skill sets and experience fit your organizational profile: passionate, industrious, creative, cohesive, and productive.



Railroad Equipment Manufacturing

Dr. Toyia C. MBA, DEI


As a professional in my field, I have had numerous experiences with recruitment processes. However, I must say that my recent encounter with Diversity Talent Scouts has been one of the most efficient and seamless ones yet. From the very beginning, the process was simple to follow. One aspect that stood out to me during this recruitment process was the speed of real-time communication. I particularly enjoyed receiving daily updates on potential candidates, as it allowed me to stay informed and keep track of the progress

Motor Vehicle Manufacturing

James H.

Tiffani Sims is the CEO and has a great team surrounding her. They’re really good at finding strong diverse candidates that can support many of our business needs.

Railroad Equipment Manufacturing

Dr. T. Caise

As a professional in my field, I have had numerous experiences with recruitment processes. However, I must say that my recent encounter with Diversity Talent Scouts has been one of the most efficient and seamless ones yet.

Non-Profit Organization company

Matielyn J.

I want to let you know that Kristal has had an AMAZING first 30 days on the job! She passed her Certification Exam yesterday on the first try. She is grasping all the concepts, working diligently on the applications in her queue, and she is delightful to have on the team. Thank you SO much for efforts to recruit and place her with us.

Railroad Equipment Manufacturing

Charles H.

DTS has been a game-changer for our company. The quality of the candidates, the costs of the services, and the service delivery has been top notch. We view DTS as a strategic partner and look forward to a continued partnership.

Ruben Mogollon

Regional Sales Manager

You and the DTS team were professional and dedicated throughout the entire recruiting and interview process, and provided excellent follow-up and communication which made the process seamless. Thanks again,

Alain Cancia

Certification Coordinator

Diversity Talent Scouts is amazing! They contacted me for an interview which went well and I ended up being offered the job. Not only are they a diverse company but they are also very inclusive of everyone. I was a temp and brought on board permanent. Great company

Joey Bullard

Quality technician

I've been looking for a job for the last few months. I came across Diversity Talent Scouts and they helped me find a great position with an awesome company. They are professional and committed and want to help people in need of career development.

Anderson, Tiranda

Import/Export Specialist

My experience with Diversity Talent Scouts was brilliant! I was approached about a job that exactly matched my skills in the area. I was supported from the point of applying to starting my new role.

Graham, Darian

Quality Engineer

It was such a breath of fresh air working with you. I appreciate the attentiveness that was taken. You made me feel like I was the only one you were working with. From the prep all the way to the offer, you stayed in touch and assisted me with whatever questions I needed answered. Thanks for being so accessible, knowledgeable, and caring.

Boralkar, Abhiram

Process Engineer

I had a very positive experience working with DTS. Both Mae and Cindy were really professional and easy to work with. The initial screening call was really straightforward and pointed questions helped me convey my skill set effectively. Both Cindy and Mae kept in touch with me during the technical interview and plant visit. They offered some great pointers which were very useful. I also appreciated the follow up conversations after the plant visit and receiving the offer letter. It gave me better clarity on what to expect next. Overall, I was very happy with the experience. Really grateful to Cindy and Mae for helping me make a smooth transition to my new workplace.

Jonathan Chandler

Test Technician

Angelica was paramount in assisting me with getting an offer for the opportunity. I was kept in communication during the entire process and would not have found the opportunity without the assistance. If the opportunity arises, I recommend anyone utilize the service. I appreciate everything throughout the process.

Pranab bora

Software development manager

I had the pleasure of working with Diversity Talent Scouts in my pursuit of a software engineering management position at Badger Meter, and I couldn't be more satisfied with the experience. From the very beginning, they demonstrated a deep understanding of my career goals and aspirations. Diversity Talent Scouts went above and beyond to connect me with opportunities that perfectly aligned with my skills and interests. Their commitment to diversity and inclusion was evident throughout the process, ensuring that I felt valued and supported every step of the way. Their team exhibited exceptional professionalism and expertise in the field, providing valuable insights and guidance during the interview and negotiation stages. Thanks to their efforts, I landed a fantastic software engineering management role at Badger Meter, and I'm excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. I would highly recommend Diversity Talent Scouts to anyone seeking their dream job in the tech industry. Their dedication to helping candidates find the right fit, combined with their commitment to diversity, makes them a standout agency. I am truly grateful for their assistance in advancing my career, and I can't thank them enough for their outstanding service."

David Garcia

Equipment maintenance technician

I just want to say thanks for your help and being professional. Your attention to detail and getting me what I wanted on pay. Let these professionals work for you while you go about your business.

Carrolton Boles

Jessa was a tremendous help securing my new position. Her attention to detail and persistent follow-up eased the interview process and kept everything on track. I would recommend her to anyone seeking significant employment. Keep up the good work.

Roger A Roberts

Diversity Talent Scouts helped me with a new position. They were very professional and worked with my potential employer and between the company and myself both parties felt good about the fit. The company offered me a position where I accepted and feel real good about the position considering the previous company I was pleased to leave. I am thankful they could assist in my career.

Abraham Ortiz

Thank you Diversity Talent Scout and Ralph Arzaga! You gave me a opportunity and happened real quick once we connected. Diversity lives up to their quote, "we don't post & pray; we hunt & deliver".

Jason Mcknight

Equipment Maintenance Tech.

The service I got from Diversity Talent Scouts was phenomenal. Ralph made sure my application got noticed and made sure I was prepared for my interview. He also followed up numerous times with the hiring company to keep my application on track. I also got the job!!