About Us

Your Partner in Diversifying Company Leadership

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In an increasingly competitive business environment, we understand the need for increasingly excellent hiring practices. You need the best people and the best fit.


Because Diversity Talent Scouts understands

We listen. We seek a comprehensive understanding of your hiring needs and practices.

We are attentive, committed, and responsive. Our dedicated staff is ready to respond around the clock. We work on your schedule.

We follow best practices for finding both active and passive candidates who specifically have the education and skillset and experience that you require.

We screen and interview thoroughly so that the candidates we present to you are a good fit professionally, personally, and culturally.

Our process is designed so that we provide clients with candidates who are a true fit in every category that you tell us is important. We do not introduce marginal candidates. We work to find truly qualified and exceptional people who will meet your needs now and in the future.


Who Are Diversity Talent Scouts

Diversity Talent Scouts (DTS) specialize in Scouting out Diverse Professionals and placing them in Leadership roles. Our goal is to “Represent the Underrepresented” while educating leadership on the positive impact of Diversity.

We are hunters, our business is based on our strong community which is proven through our 85% diversity placement rate. Our recruiters use market research, competitive advantage, and industry strategy for your long-term growth plans.

Our goal is not to invite Diversity to the party but invite Diverse Applicants to join you in PLANNING for the party because there is Power in Diversity.


Mission Statement

Our purpose is to support forward-thinking Leaders, we will encourage them to pioneer the importance of increasing their population and improve operations by hiring a DIVERSE TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS. By opening a communitive forum and finding comfort in having uncomfortable conversations, we grow as individuals and a company. Our promise is to build a legacy of bridges between ALL humans despite race, gender, sexuality, religion, age, or social class.

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