Expanding Your Professional Horizons

Why Diversity Matters For Your Industry

Are You Bringing Diversity To The Decision Table?

As this article loads on your screen, it may sit next to half a dozen tabs in your browser. These tabs provide a snapshot of your circle of influence. How many companies are represented here? How many do you work for or with? How many do you rely upon?

Consider this: you may very well represent the only minority leader in your circle. Hopefully, you are one of a few. Take a step back for a minute and examine those companies out of your lineup that are the most impactful, aggressive, and flourishing.

Odds are, the companies with the greatest success also subscribe to the most holistic diversity practices. When a company affords itself a wealth of experience to draw from, it usually correlates with a more innovative and effective result.

The data is in: a representative workplace improves the bottom line. So, what is your value to these companies? You guessed it. You are the diversity they need to remain successful.

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Your Diversity Ally